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By on February 7, 2018

It’s a simple fact of life that one of these days you’ll need a good, reliable plumber. When things happen, you will be glad to know that Life Flow Plumbing can handle them all.

Sometimes you have a plumbing emergency, like when your system is backed up and water or worse is flooding your house. Sometimes you have no water or your toilet is hopelessly clogged. Then there are the less dire plumbing problems like hot water that’s not hot or a tap that drips all night long. If you have hard water, a water softener might be needed.

It might not be an emergency at all when you need a plumber. Maybe you want to remodel and spruce up your home. After years of use, your toilet can be replaced and updated with a new model that works more efficiently. Is your bathroom outdated and showing its age? Wouldn’t it be great to do a bathroom remodel with one of those really cool showers you see on the home TV channel or a luxurious soaker tub? Just imagine how nice it would be to do a complete bathroom renovation with new tile, flooring, cabinetry and the latest fixtures, so that you have a spa-like retreat in your own home.

Life Flow Plumbing is your local resource for all your plumbing needs in life, whether they are emergencies or not so urgent. Owned by Matt Woodcraft, with his wife Nora, the shop is located in Brunnerville and serves the entire area.

The Life Flow Plumbing team includes plumbing techs Zac Donmoyer, Logan Weaver, and Kevin Wood. Matt went through the rigorous plumbing and construction programs at Brownstown’s Lancaster County Career & Technology Center, along with his tech team. They worked in the field with other plumbers until Matt decided to start his own plumbing business.

“My goal with Life Flow Plumbing is to offer 100% satisfaction for every customer. We are problem-solvers dedicated to making our customers happy,” says Matt.

Above all, Life Flow Plumbing holds honesty, integrity, diligence, prompt service, courtesy and friendship in high regard. They are licensed and insured, with an emphasis on house service and new construction plumbing.

Their customers say it all with comments like, “The quality of his work was excellent and the price very reasonable. I’d hire him again for ANY plumbing project,” and, “He is very knowledgeable and courteous. The work was done quickly and neatly. I was completely satisfied and will recommend him highly to others. I will be contacting Life Flow for any of my future plumbing needs!”

Life Flow Plumbing provides free estimates and house service calls for both emergencies and not-so-urgent needs. From drain cleaning to sump pump installation, you can count on Life Flow Plumbing. Call them for bathroom remodels, preventive maintenance, certified gas pipe installation, well pumps, remodeling work, residential new construction, small business construction, service contracts and much more.

To find out more, call Life Flow Plumbing at 717-961-8193, check out their website at, or their Life Flow Plumbing LLC Facebook page. Everyone needs a reliable plumber for all the things that happen in life.


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