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By on August 29, 2018

Ah, the humidity has finally dropped.

You can breathe now without feeling the weight of the sticky, wet air.

Which means the time is coming for long hikes with a snap in the air, rustling leaves, camp fires, and sweaters.

It also means it’s back into the swing of things. Back from the long weekends, the sandy beaches, the road trips, and the summer sun.

Now that you’re back in your house more, you might notice how cramped your kitchen feels. Or see that outdated tile in the bathroom that you thought you could live with, but man is it ugly. Or maybe notice the living space that’s so segmented and lacking flow.

Now’s the time to start planning and talking to a contractor to schedule some renovations. Just think, if you work through the kitchen design, you could have all your favorite features added: the beautiful island with seating, a cooktop exactly where you want it to maximize prep space, a sleek new faucet, and pretty, open shelving. And maybe some granite or Corian countertops with beautiful veining throughout, paired with a sleek hardwood floor.

And think about an updated bathroom! Custom tile, glassed-in shower doors, classy painted cabinets with updated lighting and flooring could change your whole mood in the mornings. You could finally have a tub you love and can soak in! And enough lighting to get ready in the morning without guessing a little bit. And storage for everything you need!

While a bathroom or kitchen project can make a huge difference in your home, so can an open floor plan. After checking the structural integrity, you can work with a contractor like ALL Renovation and Design to lay out exactly what would work best for you and your family, and maybe add some crown molding or update flooring while you’re at it.

With a few focused changes, your house could look very different. You could be ready for hosting friends or family over the holidays. You could enjoy your bathroom every morning, instead of grumbling about that tile color and light fixture. You could be in your kitchen with appliances and counters you love that look so chic and shiny!

If you’re looking for a contractor who can bring everything you’re envisioning to life, look no further. ALL Renovation and Design is known for one thing above all: listening to their customers. They spend a lot of time up-front communicating, making sure every last detail is discussed and fulfilled. They can guide selecting materials with many options in their showroom at 88 S. Penryn Road, Manheim, where you can see and touch everything from flooring to tile. And while they work, they keep your home clean and are always respectful, showing up on time, communicating throughout the project with the homeowner and sharing progress as the work takes shape!

Check out their portfolio at www.allrd.com, or call Amos today at 717-665-0470 to change your home for the better!


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