Lititz Podiatry: When Your Feet Hurt, Your Face Shows It


By on November 15, 2017

Lititz Podiatry

Ever wonder why totem pole faces look so scary? When your feet hurt, you can’t help but grimace in pain.

Lititz Podiatry can help with foot pain. One of the most common complaints is heel pain. If you are looking for a remedy that does not involve surgery or shoe inserts, consider heel pain treatment from Lititz Podiatry.

According to Kenneth Kilgore, D.P.M., foot and ankle specialist at Lititz Podiatry at the Warwick Center, heel pain can be caused by ill-fitting or worn out foot ware, overexertion, outright trauma, and biomechanical problems that involve the alignment of the foot with the leg. The condition involves a ligament running along the sole of the foot from heel to toes called the plantar fascial band.

The arch attempts to flatten during weight bearing, causing a pulling force, down and forward, on the ligament’s attachment to the heel.  The Achilles tendon places a force, up and backward, on the posterior heel. These opposing forces impose significant stress on the heel bone and spurs can be formed after months or years of this abnormal pulling, but they are not the cause of the pain. The spurs and the pain are both results of the abnormal pulling.

When treated in the early stages, conservative non-invasive methods often suffice.  However, many patients go untreated for many months or even years before seeking professional help and may require more involved means to help resolve the condition.  The longer one waits, the more difficult it is to successfully treat.

The best treatment protocol for any ailment should be tailored to the patient’s specific needs, taking into consideration the causes, the daily activities of the patient, and potential downtime required for certain treatments.

Treatment options include oral medications such as NSAID’s and pain relievers; injectable anti-inflammatory steroids; and mechanical devices beginning with simple heel lifts to compensate for a short leg, and progressing through over-the-counter inserts, to custom made orthotics.

Other options include directly modifying the nerve function, including freezing and Radio Frequency Ablation. Reserved for last is a partial surgical release of the ligament.

Radio Frequency Ablation is an established technique in other applications, and was adapted several years ago to relieve the symptoms of plantar heel pain.  A relatively simple and safe procedure performed in our office, it allows the patient to walk in, walk out, and resume their activities in a day or two.

Call Lititz Podiatry at 626-7666, to make an appointment to help determine if Radio Frequency Ablation is right for you.


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