Hennessy & Associates Is On Your Side in Lititz


By on May 17, 2018

Nationwide is the insurance company that is always on your side, and here in Lititz, the name you can trust is Hennessy & Associates, Inc.

For insurance and financial services, Rebecca Hennessy, owner of Hennessy & Associates is carrying on the tradition of Sharon DuBree who retired as a Nationwide agent. As Rebecca notes, she is pleased to be a part of the Lititz community and has enjoyed getting to know her Nationwide clients.

“I appreciate the way I have been welcomed to Lititz,” says Rebecca, who notes that she is happy to be offering the same personalized services to Lititz customers at the Warwick Center office located at 40 Copperfield Circle.

Rebecca Hennessy has been a Nationwide agent for 27 years. She is a second-generation agent, whose father Lloyd Hambright started the 1954 Nationwide office in Lancaster, then moved to 1261 Lititz Pike in 1987.

Lititz clients are grateful to know that long-time Nationwide employees like Kim Benko makes sure that you enjoy the same strong customer service and accessibility as always. Kim has been working at the office for almost 20 years, and customers like having a familiar face at their insurance office.

“We are very hands on with our clients and want to continue to provide that local agency experience. We are On Your Side,” says Rebecca, citing the Nationwide motto.

In addition to insurance coverage for auto, home and small business insurance, Nationwide offers life insurance and other financial services.

One of those services is retirement planning, which can be vital to your security in life as you grow older. Hennessy & Associates can help you generate, grow, preserve and distribute assets as you look toward retirement. They can assist you with retirement benefit rollovers and retirement investment options. It’s a good idea to sit down and chart your future, looking at how you will handle the what-ifs of growing older and considering the possibility of long-term care.

“It’s always a good idea to have an insurance check-up to make sure the services and products meet your current needs,” says Rebecca.

Life changes like getting married, having children or retiring can affect your policy, and the Nationwide team can make sure you have what you need and can help save you money in many cases. Their goal is to establish a core insurance plan that gives you peace of mind for the unexpected. They can also provide details on new self-service tools that are used as an extension of services, giving you 24/7 access and assistance with your accounts. Some options even come with a discount.

“Our goal is to educate our clients about insurance and the possible gaps in their coverage. We want to have a solid individualized program in place, so that our clients’ financial futures are protected,” says Rebecca.

Find out how Nationwide is On Your Side, with Rebecca Hennessy, Kim Benko and the Lancaster staff of Bonnie Medved and Carla Savidge. Call 717-627-3489 today to find out more.


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