F&M Painting Celebrates 22 Years


By on August 29, 2018

In 22 years, a lot can change. Trees grow taller, children age, businesses come and go. In 22 years, F&M Painting has experienced much growth and is expecting another 22 years to continue expanding and developing their business.

F&M Painting was started in 1996 as MacCartney Painting when Brandon MacCartney moved to Lancaster County. As a team of just one at that time, Brandon focused most of the business on new construction. After six years in the game by himself, MacCartney Painting expanded into their new name and image, F&M Painting, in 2002.

F&M Painting now supports a much larger team who specialize in a variety of services from new construction, residential repaint and commercial work to drywall repair, trim work and more. Although their skill sets and services have grown, their small business feel and attention to customer service remains the same.

The team recognizes much of their success as a result of the Lititz community’s support and patronage throughout the years. Without this community, they might not be where they are today. F&M Painting thanks all of their customers, supporters, community members and employees for helping to grow the business and opening doors that have allowed them to be a part of some fantastic projects with even greater people.

Since day one, F&M Painting has always had a significant focus on the local community. Because of the encouraging support this community has shown to them, they are excited to announce their relocation to a bigger and more efficient venue in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for upcoming news and announcements on their new location, grand opening, and special promotions and sales surrounding the event.

Licensed and registered with Pennsylvania, F&M Painting offers free estimates and inspections. To find out more, call F&M Painting at 717-569-3680 or check the web site at www.fmpainting.com.


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