F & M Painting: A Change of Season

By on October 18, 2017

Yep, It’s Fall. 

Despite the 78 degree average temperature this October, fall has officially arrived.

With fall’s arrival comes the reminder to get those exterior jobs done before the surface temperature gets too cold for the paint to cure! There is plenty to do inside when the temperature persists below the 40 degree mark. Here are some ideas of fixes and improvements homeowners and property managers can make even as winter approaches.

Office Repaint

A popular project we’ve seen people tackle over the years is an office repaint or “fit out”. Businesses often take the colder months to address a dire need for an update, or address a worn appearance, or damaged walls and ceilings to reset the tone with a fresh look for the new year. At F&M Painting, we are offering a “Painter for Day” at a simple half-day or a full-day rate for the small tasks – at work or at home!

Kitchen Cabinets & More

Are your kitchen cabinets the same ones from when George Bush Senior was President? Or maybe you can’t stand the color or finish anymore. Having your cabinets refinished versus completely replacing them saves you money significantly. Other ideas for fixes and improvements include drywall touch ups, hanging, and finishing, wall covering removal and installation, and carpentry. Again, we do those and would be honored to help you make these updates!

It’s How We Paint

We hope you enjoy the beauty fall and the joy of the holiday season. If you need help with those services inside or outside the home, don’t hesitate to give us a call at F&M Painting. We treat every job and homeowner like we would want to be treated ourselves. Visit us online at FMpainting.com or call us (717) 627-7254.


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