DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC: Your MOLD SPECIALIST

By on November 2, 2016

DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC is a property damage restoration company that specializes in the removal of mold and moisture found in your home or business.

As you can almost never be prepared for a flood, plumbing failure or sewage backing up into your home, DC Eager is the company you should really get to know. They can help you clean and sanitize, then dry your structure properly after the loss so that Mold doesn’t grow. When your structure is not dried down quickly and properly, Mold WILL grow.

Too many people don’t understand mold and don’t realize the importance of removing it safely, without causing further damage to your property or self. When you discover mold, don’t panic; relax, take a deep breath and call Darlene Eager at DC Eager Emergency Services at (717) 989-5763

Darlene loves to educate people on the truth about mold and moisture, and about how to remove it properly. Because Darlene knows each situation is different, she assesses your situation FREE of charge. There are too many untrue and scary facts about Mold. Darlene would rather that you make a decision based on knowledge, instead of some scare tactic or misinformation you may have read or been told. There is no magical potion that you spray on mold and it shrivels up and goes away. You MUST remove mold. Mold remediation is what the industry calls what they do. Remediation means removal.

Darlene started DC Eager in 2011. She began her career in restoration 15 years ago working for a company owned by Marlin Martin. As she says, “He is the reason I fell in love with restoration. He taught me the importance of growing your team. Investing in your team creates a team who will want to help you grow your business.” Darlene considers her team of technicians to be her extended family, along with her son Anthony, daughter Adrienne, and son in-law Kieran. Each person is fully trained in the specialized work they do. They are also hired for their compassion and people skills. DC Eager understands that this is your home or business and Darlene wants her customers to feel comfortable with the entire process. Quality and customer service are what keeps her loyal customers coming back.

Darlene says, “Mold fascinates me, how it grows, why it grows and the investigation of finding the source of the moisture needed for mold to grow. Different types of mold actually help me figure out the source. It’s weird to some people, but I love mold.”

“Our tag line is ‘We educate before we estimate.’ That’s why we give FREE estimates. It gives me the opportunity to educate property owners,” says Darlene, who after five years of owning DC Eager still answers the phone personally 24/7 as well as performs all of the assessments.

You might not need DC Eager right now, but clip this article and save it. Then you will know who to call when something bad happens to your home or business. That number you will want to save is (717) 989-5763. To find out more, check the website at www.dceager.com.


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