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By on October 20, 2017

“Good afternoon, this is Darlene with DC Eager Emergency Services, how can I help you?”

That’s what you hear when you call Darlene Eager, the owner of DC Eager Emergency Services. It’s her voice you hear when you call 717-989-5763.  It’s Darlene Eager who soothes your worries when you need emergency services after a flood, storm damage or mold and mildew cleanup.

DC Eager provides property damage restoration for any type of damage to the inside of your home or business.  They have become experts in the removal of mold.

Not just anyone can say they love mold, but Darlene is very passionate about the learning everything she can about it. She is very interested in how it grows and the investigation of where the moisture is coming from in order for it to grow.

If you suspect that you have mold, call Darlene at DC Eager Emergency Services for a FREE estimate. This gives Darlene the chance to educate you based upon your situation as every situation is so different.

Mold removal is just one of the many divisions of DC Eager.  As you moisture is needed for Mold to grow, DC Eager and her team are certified and specialize in the removal of moisture.  Using moisture meters and thermal imaging camera’s, Darlene and her team are able to find moisture issues that you may never have known until the mold started to grow.

Darlene likes to tell everyone she meets that if the moisture is dried down properly, then you will not be looking at a mold remediation in the future. There are food sources everywhere; therefore, if you control the moisture you can control the growth of mold.

The DC Eager team is not only certified in property damage removal and cleanup, but they are trained in customer service, compassion, communication and high quality of work.  Darlene attributes DC Eager’s growth to her team with the business being built on word of mouth.

“My amazing team has been my greatest marketing tool,” says Darlene.

If you or anyone you know has damage to their home or business caused by water, mold, fire, sewer, pet urine odor removal, hoarding situation or would just like us to demo areas within your home or business in order for your contractor to do some remodeling, please call Darlene at 717-989-5763. “We Educate before we Estimate.”


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