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By on December 13, 2017

You never know when you might need the expertise of DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC (DC Eager). Maybe you have had a pipe break or your basement flooded. Maybe you discovered mold growing within your home or at work. It could even be that you are moving into a home that has lead paint.

If any of these apply to you, it’s good to know that DC Eager is there for you to help keep you, your family and friends safe. Nothing is more reassuring than hearing the calming voice of Darlene Eager as she says, “Hello, this is Darlene with DC Eager, how can I help you?”

Darlene Eager is the owner of DC Eager Emergency Service, LLC. Whatever your emergency may be, Darlene will sooth your worries and jump into action when you call DC Eager after experiencing a water damage or need to learn more about the mold that was found inside your home or at work.

DC Eager provides restoration for any type of property damage to the inside of your home or business, such as water, mold, sewage, smoke/fire, etc.  Darlene is passionate about learning all about the different types of mold and the different types of food sources.  This helps Darlene when talking with a homeowner in figuring out where the moisture is coming from that is causing the mold to grow. If you suspect that you have mold, call Darlene at DC Eager Emergency Services for a FREE estimate.

DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC is certified in the renovation and repair of lead based painted homes. Darlene and her entire company are now becoming certified in lead abatement.  Any home built before 1978, is suspect for lead paint. Lead can be very dangerous, especially for young children. To assure your family’s safety, you need to rely on a certified professional to remove the lead safely.

It may not seem like an emergency, but another area that DC Eager provides services is aiding in cleaning out homes.  You or someone you know may just need help removing some of the clutter that has accumulated over the years. Some people grow older and just don’t have the help they need to clean out all the items that may have piled up over the years. Whatever the reason, Darlene has a heart for helping people and providing comfort in tough situations.

If you or anyone you know has damage to their home or business caused by water, mold, fire, sewer, odor, a hoarding situation or needs clean demo work done before remodeling, please call Darlene at DC Eager at 717-989-5763.



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