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By on May 22, 2019

It’s spring, and that means lawns are lush and green. Trees and flowers are in full bloom, with a display of vibrant colors set against green leaves.

If this doesn’t describe your yard, take heart. You can get the help you need to make your property shine with Centerville Lawn & Landscape Services Inc.

“I have had people tell me they were the worst yard in the neighborhood and now they are the best,” says David Deckard, President of Centerville Lawn & Landscape.

There are many things that can be done to make your lawn gorgeous and green, and your garden look beautiful. After all, your yard gives your home curb appeal. Wouldn’t it be nice to smile when you drive into your driveway and see an appealing yard?

Lawn treatments are one way to help thicken your lawn and make it stronger to fight unwanted weeds. With all the rain we have been having, that can be challenging without professional help. Centerville Lawn & Landscape has added a new lawn treatment technician, Brian, to help focus on creating great lawns.

In fact, the staff at Centerville Lawn & Landscape is growing, with a new office person, Lydia, to answer calls and help with scheduling. That brings the lawn and landscaping team to six full-time and seven part-time people who are dedicated to serving your needs.

With weeds growing in abundance at this wet time of the year, you will want to keep your yard weeded, trimmed and pruned to keep everything under control. Often, the best approach is to start fresh, by removing unruly, overgrown trees and shrubs and replanting with new plants. Suddenly, you have landscaping that will thrive and give your home new vibrancy and curb appeal. As David points out, by removing and replanting, you have the opportunity to plant the trees and shrubs you really like, not just the ones that happen to be there.

“At Centerville Lawn & Landscape we have a simple motto: We listen, we care,” says David, who has made that his promise to customers since he started the business in 1987.

When you tell them what you need, they pay attention to the problem you are trying to solve, and come up with solutions that fit your budget. Specializing in creative landscape designs, original ideas, lawn and landscape enhancements and picture-perfect maintenance, Centerville Lawn & Landscape delivers quality service from their East Newport Road location in Warwick Township.

To find out more about Centerville Lawn & Landscape, be sure to visit the website at for complete service information and reviews, or call 717-626-0770. For your convenience they offer online payments and ordering.


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