Centerville Lawn & Landscape is the Landscaper Who Listens and Cares


By on May 24, 2017

At Centerville Lawn & Landscape, they do something you have always wanted from a lawn and landscape professional. “We listen, and we care,” says David Deckard, who has owned Centerville Lawn & Landscape for 30 years.

That means that when you tell them what you need, they deliver. They pay attention to the problem you are trying to solve, like an area with poor drainage, a lawn that just never looks green, overgrown bushes, steep areas, wide open areas or outdoor living space that just isn’t very inviting. Then they come up with solutions that fit your budget.

As David points out, work and family activities make it challenging for homeowners to have a yard that makes them proud. They just don’t have the time to do all the hard work that’s involved. Some people love planting flowers and vegetables, but they don’t want to handle the heavy labor of pruning shrubs and fighting weeds. Then there are older people or those with physical limitations. They used to be able to do everything themselves, but now they can’t. They need help. That’s where Centerville Lawn & Landscape comes in.

“Many families are too busy to give their properties the attention they need. We can handle all the work for you. We will mulch your beds, mow your lawn, treat your lawn and handle all the spring and fall clean up,” says David.

Centerville Lawn & Landscape will do as little or as much as you need. They specialize in creative landscape designs, original ideas, lawn and garden enhancements and picture-perfect maintenance. They can transform your yard from dull and uninspired to the best yard in the neighborhood.

Services include classic lawn care with organic fertilizers and compost, traditional lawn applications, landscape design and installation, maintenance, lawn care treatments, professional mowing, mulch and bed care, tree and shrub care, lawn renovations, patios, walks and walls.

Since 1987, Centerville Lawn & Landscape Services Inc. has been delivering excellent service, combining experience with proven technologies in equipment and materials. The company started in a small garage on Marietta Ave in 1987, and moved to Lititz in 1988. They have been at 1249 East Newport Road in Warwick Township since 2002, serving Lancaster County and beyond.

Celebrating their 30th year in business, Centerville Lawn & Landscape has a great June special: Why just prune when you can renovate? Free removal of plant debris (up to $100 value) with a renovation project of $630 or more. Call 626-0770 or visit the website at to find out how you can love your landscape.

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