Bednar Financial Group: Serving Your Financial and Insurance Needs


By on April 26, 2018

A Lititz tradition, the Bednar name has been known for professional expertise in financial planning and investments for more than 50 years.

First started by Jim Bednar of Lititz, the Bednar Financial Group, LLC takes a visionary approach to financial services with the expertise of Senior Partner Kevin Lamson, continuing Jim Bednar’s long-time commitment to service and planning.

The Bednar Financial Group is located at 620 Oregon Road, not far from the Lancaster Airport and Penn Cinema. With a strong sense of teamwork, they focus on giving clients a better understanding of financial planning and the tools to reach their financial goals, whether you are just starting out with a growing family or reaching your retirement years.

“Our mission is to serve our clients more effectively and become a part of a team that shares personal core values,” says Kevin Lamson.

Through their experience and professional expertise, Bednar Financial Group is focused on helping clients in the areas of investments, financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning and insurance services.

The Bednar team includes Mark Aumen, who serves as service coordinator and branch operations manager. Mark Aumen works on making sure office operations run smoothly and efficiently, so that clients get the best service possible.

As part of Bednar Financial Group’s goal in serving the comprehensive needs of clients, Bednar Insurance Services, LLC is guided by President Mark Snavely. As Mark Snavely notes, Bednar Insurance Services serves clients in the areas of group benefit insurance, medical supplements, disability insurance, personal medical coverage and insurance services.

With the vision of growing and strengthening the business, Bednar Financial Group has expanded its breath and scope, bringing together nearly 100 years of combined experience, with one important focus: you.

“Our purpose is to help clients and to be good stewards of their assets,” says Kevin Lamson. “Whether you are just starting out in a career, you’re single, have a growing family, are in your middle years or looking toward retirement, Bednar Financial helps you make the best choices for your stage in life.”

To find out more about how Bednar Financial Group can serve your financial and insurance needs, check the website at or call 717-435-8350.


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