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By on January 23, 2019

As the New Year begins, many people will pledge to achieve personal goals in 2019. As with most things, getting organized in order to take the steps to reach financial goals is not difficult when you take it one step at a time.

For instance, perhaps you want to increase your savings. In order to do so, you may have to reduce your spending. Additionally, if you want a successful retirement, you have to first create a plan and then work your plans to achieve it.

Working with a financial professional to help coach you through each step along the way is a good place to start. Just as you might challenge yourself and pledge to work with a nutritionist to eat better, a trainer to get in shape, or a mentor to learn new job skills, working with a financial professional will help to assess your current financial situation and guide you in achieving financial health. With a little determination, you can develop your own unique plan and then measure your steps to financial success.

Depending on your stage in life, you may have goals of buying your first home, budgeting for a child’s college costs, paying off your mortgage, or planning for retirement. Planning for a comfortable retirement and to leave loved ones a financial legacy will also require careful planning, along with professional advice.

To figure out a financial plan, first set your goals and then assess your current situation. Once a sound budget is in place and your debt has been reduced, you will have the ability to put more money aside to achieve your financial goals. So with the proper planning, you will be able to save more and spend less which could make all the difference in achieving your financial success.

If retirement is in your near future, your long-term savings accounts should be your top priority. Consider reviewing your investment allocation to be certain you are on the right path. Again, help from a financial professional can go a long way in achieving this goal.

Understanding your plan and the steps you will need to take now will influence your financial readiness for retirement. Don’t put off saving for this important goal. Saving early and often is using time to your advantage and will help your money grow even faster. Also, if your financial priorities change, you should review your strategy and investment objectives regularly with your financial professional.

At Bednar Financial Group, we have been providing sound financial advice for more than 50 years. With the help of a professional team, you can make the best choices for your stage of life.

To find out more about how Bednar Financial Group can serve your financial and insurance needs, check the website at or call 717-435-8350.


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