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By on April 11, 2018

Take a deep breath. Smell that fresh spring air.

Mother Nature has been stingy with that fresh air these past few months, unless it was tinged with grey skies or snow. But no more! (Or at least, we hope not.)

When you throw open a window to let all that wonderful fresh air into the house, you might suddenly notice: it’s not as fresh inside.

Those walls could use a new coat of paint, especially a lighter color to really brighten it up. That drop ceiling would look so much cleaner if it were smooth drywall painted with crisp, white paint. Some crown molding in here would really make it classy and pristine. And an open floor plan would change around the whole place, allow for flow of your family and people coming to and fro, allow so much more natural light to take over your space. Think of it – plants, sunlight, wide expanses of floors – your whole house could seem bigger, more airy, more welcoming.

While you keep opening windows to let the breeze flow in, think about making a call. A contractor who really listens to you, to your goals and dreams and what you envision in the space, will make all the difference.

Listening to customers and making sure the designs and construction exactly fulfill the homeowner’s wishes is the No. 1 comment people share after they’ve worked with ALL Renovation and Design. Amos Lapp and his trained staff sit down to meet and talk with potential customers, and spend a solid amount of time on the up-front planning and designs.

What does that mean for a customer? Your materials will be exactly what you picture. You’ll have full approvals of the plans in advance – no surprises or shifts along the way. Your supplies will be there when they need to be – no holding up the project or delays.

That’s not all the local company is known for. Amos and his team are the best home visitors you’ll ever have – they leave the place cleaner than when they found it, they always communicate their comings and goings, and they leave a beautiful finished product.

So start dreaming about your home. What would you change? What would you update? You could add a fireplace to your living room – or your bedroom! Open up between your dining room and kitchen, widen that doorway, or add French doors. Pull up the linoleum and put down hardwoods. Have shiny granite countertops installed.

Take the fresh air as initiative to freshen up your house to become what you’ve always wanted it to be. You can visit ALL Renovation and Design’s showroom at 88 S. Penryn Road in Manheim, or visit their website at to see examples of their work and read client testimonials. You can also call them to chat about the possibilities at (717) 665-0470. Make the phone call and your home could look very different as it heats up outside!


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