Woodridge ends Overlook’s 19-year hold on League title Young, Sensenich win golds for Lititz Springs Girls 8U 100 Medley Relay Boys 8U 100 Medley Relay Girls 9-10 100 Medley Relay Boys 9-10 100 Medley Relay Girls 11-12 200 Medley Relay Boys 11-12 200 Medl

By on August 1, 2012

By: BRUCE MORGAN Record Express Sports Editor bmorgan.eph@lnpnews.com, Staff Writer

Photo by Cathy Chapis
Emma Oberholtzer took gold in the 10U girls 25 breaststroke in a new pool record time of 18.45 seconds at the All-League Championships last Saturday.

Up until this summer, Woodridge never had a full, healthy squad when competing at the All-League Championships in the seven years that Heidi Cicala has been their coach.

Last Friday and Saturday at Skyline, they finally did.

And boy, did they take advantage.

Capitalizing on a 25-point advantage on Overlook following Friday night’s relays (539-514), Woodridge followed through with another solid performance in Saturday’s individual events to bring home the team crown from the Lancaster Summer Swim League Championship Meet with 920.5 points. Overlook was runner-up with 902 points. It snapped Overlook’s 19-year hold on the title, marking the first year since 1993 that they didn’t win it.

"That’s just beyond our wildest dreams to get that combined score," Cicala said. "It’s not an easy thing to do because you just need every last kid to swim and then swim their best and score points. We’ve been shooting for that for years and it was just something we had to work toward and get deeper and stronger."

In 2010, when Woodridge ended Overlook’s 104 dual-meet winning streak, they won the individual events, but came up short to their rivals in the combined scoring.

One year later, Woodridge captured the Division One title and narrowed Overlook’s margin of victory at Leagues to 41.5 points.

This time, they got over the hump.

"Every year as long as we kept getting closer and closer, I felt very good about progressing toward that goal," Cicala said. "It’s just gotten better and better every year. It really has. I wasn’t ready to celebrate until I saw it. People were coming over and telling me we did it, but I wasn’t ready to even get excited until I heard the official score."

Overall, Woodridge took seven golds in the relay events, including two from the 14U boys (Jack Lance, Tim Griest, Christopher Cicala, Ian Harpel) which set a new meet record in the medley relay in 2:02.64 and a pool record in the free relay while winning in 1:48.17.

The 8U boys (Theo Lance, Brady Schwartz, Brenden Stuhltrager and David Woolley) also took home a pair of golds in the medley and free relays. Plus, the 10U girls (Brina Uhlin, Emma Oberholtzer, Mackenzie Weeks, Alayna Thompson) clinched top honors in the medley relay and the foursome consisting Uhlin, Thompson, Lily Weidman and Oberholtzer touched the wall first in the free relay.

"It’s huge," Cicala said of her team’s success in the relays. "Taking first in the relays, that’s a ton of points for the team. But then the place that you have to look is, that first coupled with another place in the top 12, that just amounts to so many points for the team. So if you can get both of your A and B relay into scoring contention out of all 23 teams in the county, you’re positioning yourselves really well."

The 8U girls were runner-up in the medley and they won the free relay, courtesy of Izzy Miller, Katherine Bronov, Katie Jeanes and Jenna Ober.

The 10U boys relays (Jonathan Forbes, Nolan Rucci, Matt Woolley, Owen Campbell) took a pair of bronze medals, while the 12U girls (Maddie Smith, Lauryn Ober, Katie Oberholtzer, Lily Shaffer) were third in the free and fourth in the medley.

The 12U boys (Oliver Lance, Gabe Cicala, Stefan Glavce, Ryan Hohman) chipped in with two silvers, and the 14U girls foursome of Hannah Weidman, Emma Schouten, Anna Lance and Paetyn Zeamer won two bronzes.

"They really stepped up and delivered," Cicala said. "Woodridge is the total team package, and in my view, that’s what summer swimming is really about — the team. Many of our kids could place in the top three or four in three or four individual strokes, but understand that the relays produce the most points for the team and give all they have to those relay swims."

In the individual events, Emma Schouten set a pool record in the 14U girls 50 breaststroke in 35.72 seconds, while Emma Oberholtzer led the 10U girls with two golds in the freestyle and breaststroke, including a pool record in the 25 breaststroke in 18.45 seconds.

"Emma Oberholtzer rises to whatever is put in front of her," Cicala said. "She is just a phenomenal athlete. Mentally tough. She’s only 10, but she’s got a much older mental toughness than her age and her years."

The Lititz Springs Waverunners, meanwhile, finished in 12th place with 162.5 points, not far behind 11th-place Hempfield (191).

Individually, Nathan Young won a pair of gold medals in the 8U boys 25 free and 25 breaststroke and he added a bronze in the 25 fly to lead the Waverunners.

Colin Sensenich added gold in the boys 11-12 50 fly, while Tara Freeman took home silver in the girls 15-and-over 50 fly and bronze in the 50 freestyle. Hannah Greenway added a bronze-medal finish in the girls 8U 25 back.

In relay action, Young teamed up with James Moll, James Hample and Robby Sabol to place fourth in the 8U boys 100 medley relay, while the foursome of Tanner Haines, Kevin Draeger, Anthony Sivillo and Ryan Horner took fourth in the boys 9-10 100 free relay. Also scoring relay points for the Waverunners were Joseph Moll, Connor Shields, Jorday Tesfay and Colin Sensenich in the boys 11-12 200 free relay, placing eighth.

Point-scorers from the Woodridge and Lititz Springs swim teams were as follows: 2. Woodridge (Izzy Miller, Katherine Bronov, Katie Jeanes, Jenna Ober), 1:31.22. 1. Woodridge (Theo Lance, Brady Schwartz, Brenden Stuhltrager, David Woolley), 1:34.68; 4. Lititz Springs (James Moll, Nathan Young, James Hample, Robby Sabol), 1:43.13; 5. Woodridge (Ethan Hershey, Reese Van Scoten, Cole McSparran, Cole Schwartz), 1:43.17. 1. Woodridge (Brina Uhlin, Emma Oberholtzer, Mackenzie Weeks, Alayna Thompson), 1:16.14; 10. (Anna Smith, Lily Sipel, Sarah Van Scoten, Lily Weidman), 1:24.14. 3. Woodridge (Jonathan Forbes, Nolan Rucci, Matthew Woolley, Owen Campbell), 1:20.42; 10. Woodridge (Jonathan Bergh, Andrew Paparo, Brendan Hohman, Nicholas Valudes), 1:30.26. 4. Woodridge (Maddie Smith, Lauryn Ober, Katie Oberholtzer, Lily Shaffer), 2:26.41. 2. Woodridge (Oliver Lance, Gabe Cicala, Stefan Glavce, Ryan Hohman), 2:19.53; 8. Woodridge (Reid Harpel, Hayden Rucci, Eric Matt, Cade Uhlin), 2:41.83. 3. Woodridge (Hannah Weidman, Emma Schouten, Anna Lance, Paetyn Zeamer), 2:14.69; 11. Woodridge (Amber Nissley, Haley Kershner, Abbie Weit, Elise Landis), 2:29.02. 1. Woodridge (Jack Lance, Tim Griest, Christopher Cicala, Ian Harpel), 2:02.64; 6. Woodridge (David Heckel, Evan Anthony, Keir Uhlin, Matthew Polonus), 2:16.22. 4. Woodridge (Morgan Heckel, Maddie Schouten, Danielle de Perrot, Emily Wyand), 2:16.59. 7. Woodridge (Justin Mitchell, Nick Beard, Jonathan Zartman, Cole Cicala), 2:01.57; 11. Woodridge (Peter McCall, Alex McCord, Ryan Mitchell, Andrew Beck), 2:13.57. 1. Woodridge (Izzy Miller, Katherine Bronov, Jenna Ober, Katie Jeanes), 1:18.12. 1. Woodridge (Brenden Stuhltrager, David Woolley, Brady Schwartz, Theo Lance), 1:19.62; 4. Woodridge (Charlie Sipel, Ethan Hershey, Cole Schwartz, Cole McSparran), 1:28.17. 1. Woodridge (Brina Uhlin, Alayna Thompson, Lily Weidman, Emma Oberholtzer), 1:06.87; 10. Woodridge (Gionna Altenderfer, Mackenzie Weeks, Sarah Van Scoten, Anna Smith), 1:14.11. 3. Woodridge (Owen Campbell, Nolan Rucci, Jonathan Forbes, Matthew Woolley), 1:08.56; 4. Lititz Springs (Tanner Haines, Kevin Draeger, Anthony Sivillo, Ryan Horner), 1:11.12. 3. Woodridge (Lauryn Ober, Maddie Smith, Lily Shaffer, Katie Oberholtzer), 2:09.26. 2. Woodridge (Ryan Hohman, Oliver Lance, Stefan Glavce, Gabe Cicala), 2:02.79; 7. Woodridge (Cade Uhlin, Ethan McSparran, Hayden Rucci, Eric Matt), 2:17.26; 8. Lititz Springs (Joseph Moll, Connor Shields, Jordan Tesfay, Colin Sensenich), 2:20.23. 3. Woodridge (Paetyn Zeamer, Hannah Weidman, Anna Lance, Emma Schouten), 2:02.18; 12. Woodridge (Abbie Weit, Emma Bell, Haley Kershner, Elise Landis), 2:15.92. 1. Woodridge (Ian Harpel, Jack Lance, Tim Griest, Christopher Cicala), 1:48.17; 5. Woodridge (David Heckel, Matthew Polonus, Evan Anthony, Keir Uhlin), 2:00.80. 7. Woodridge (Danielle de Perrot, Maddie Schouten, Morgan Heckel, Emily Wyand), 2:03.36. 7. Woodridge (Jonathan Zartman, Justin Mitchell, Ryan Mitchell, Cole Cicala), 1:46.96; 10. Woodridge (Nick Beard, Andrew Beck, Alex McCord, Peter McCord), 1:56.59. 5. Katie Jeanes (W), 18.32; 6. Hannah Greenway (LS), 18.39; 9. Izzy Miller (W), 18.87. 1. Nathan Young (LS), 17.16; 3. David Woolley (W), 17.75; 10. Brenden Stuhltrager (W), 19.15. 1. Emma Oberholtzer (W), 15.09. 6. Matthew Woolley (W), 15.93; 12. Nolan Rucci (W), 16.41. 6. Katie Oberholtzer (W), 31.54. 4. Colin Sensenich (LS), 29.94; 12. Joseph Moll (LS), 31.90. 5. Emma Schouten (W), 28.86. 2. Christopher Cicala (W), 26.67; 3. Ian Harpel, 27.06; 5. Tim Griest (W), 27.17. 3. Tara Freeman (LS), 28.33. 3. Hannah Greenway (LS), 22.39; 4. Izzy Miller (W), 23.10. 1. Theo Lance (W), 20.18. 3. Brina Uhlin (W), 19.97; 6. Mackenzie Weeks (W), 20.62. 10. Katie Oberholtzer (W), 39.08. 2. Oliver Lance (W), 35.45; 3. Ryan Hohman (W), 35.97; 4. Colin Sensenich (LS), 36.10; 7. Gabe Cicala (W), 36.85. 12. Paetyn Zeamer (W), 36.04. 3. Jack Lance (W), 32.00; 8. Ian Harpel (W), 33.44; 12. David Heckel (W), 34.42. 2. Katherine Bronov (W), 24.37; 7. Jenna Ober (W), 26.84. 1. Nathan Young (LS), 25.31; 9. Brady Schwartz (W), 28.29; 10. Reese Van Scoten (W), 28.52; 12. Charlie Sipel (W), 29.21. 1. Emma Oberholtzer (W), 18.45. 2. Nolan Rucci (W), 20.78; 10. Andrew Paparo (W), 22.28. 1. Lauryn Ober (W), 38.37. 3. Gabe Cicala (W), 38.93; 11. Oliver Lance (W), 42.33. 1. Emma Schouten (W), 35.72. 2. Christopher Cicala (W), 35.02; 3. Tim Griest (W), 36.00; 11. David Heckel (W), 38.37. 5. Danielle de Perrot (W), 37.16; 11. Morgan Heckel (W), 39.44. 6. Nick Beard (W), 32.93. 6. Katherine Bronov (W), 20.24; 7. Katie Jeanes (W), 20.48; 9. Hannah Greenway (LS), 21.41. 2. Theo Lance (W), 19.43; 3. Nathan Young (LS), 19.80; 12. David Woolley (W), 23.60. 11. Brina Uhlin (W), 18.92. 9. Matthew Woolley (W), 18.70; 10. Owen Campbell (W), 18.71. 5. Lauryn Ober (W), 35.56. 1. Colin Sensenich (LS), 31.85; 4. Ryan Hohman (W), 33.93; 7. Joseph Moll (LS), 35.25; 12. Eric Matt (W), 36.93. 2. Paetyn Zeamer (W), 31.99; 6. Anna Lance (W), 32.59. 9. Keir Uhlin (W), 31.30; 12. Matthew Weber (LS), 32.13. 2. Tara Freeman (LS), 28.69; 10. Danielle de Perrot (W), 32.55. More LEAGUES, page B-2

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