Warriors look to build off success from 2016

By on August 16, 2017

Seniors (left to right) Isaac Rissinger, Carter Forney, and Evan Clark represented Warwick at L-L Media Day last Friday. (Photo by Bruce Morgan)

Enck’s Catering in Manheim was packed last Friday as the Lancaster-Lebanon League’s annual Football Media Day, as players and coaches from from the L-L’s 23 teams shared their thoughts about the upcoming campaign.

Warwick coach Bob Locker was joined by senior players Evan Clark, Carter Forney, and Isaac Rissinger during the Section One time slot. Coming off a 2016 season in which they finished 8-3 and advanced to the District Three playoffs for the first time in six years, the Warriors are hopeful to build on that momentum when the new season gets underway on Sept. 1.

Clark, Forney, and Rissinger sat down for a Q&A with Lititz Record sports editor Bruce Morgan to discuss their goals.

Bruce Morgan: Obviously, you’re coming off a good season last year. What does this season hold in store for you? Are you confident that you can keep things moving?

Isaac Rissinger: Absolutely. In practice, it’s really competitive. Guys are fighting for positions, and we have a lot of returning starters, but also we have a lot of young guys coming up who really can make an influence on the team.

Evan Clark: Even with the fact that we had a bunch of key players like Trimarchi and Gerhart, they’re off to college and we’ve lost them from last year, but the guys we have coming up, they work just as hard as they did and they want to compete in the League like we have in the past. It’s real exciting to see all this, I guess you could say young blood, that wants to really compete and win games like we did last year, it’s refreshing.

BM: It’s not a secret anymore that you guys have a quarterback in town. What are your first impressions of him?

IR: Very strong arm. Really smart decision making.

Carter Forney: He picks up the offense really quick. Really quick.

BM: How is the offense going to be similar to last year or different from last year?

IR: Our new quarterback (Grayson Kline) is not as mobile as Trimarchi was. He’s more of a physical runner, where Trimarchi was more of finesse kind of guy. I don’t know how big of a role that will play. I don’t know if it will make us better or weaker, but we’re adjusting to it. I think we’re going to be just as strong.

BM: What are the biggest strengths of this year’s team?

IR: Wide receiver corps. We have a lot of guys there. Also we have all four returning DB’s. And our defense is looking good. Our offense, we’re used to last year from such a high production and I think we’re really strong on offense as well.

CF: A lot of key players returning, just in general, on both sides of the ball.

BM: Isaac talked about the receiving corps being a strength. Carter, obviously you had a great season last year. How do you feel like you’re different this year?

CF: I just feel like personally, I’ve gotten stronger, faster, quicker and more precise with my routes and just becoming a better football player in general with football IQ and stuff.

BM: Obviously, you can’t do it by yourself, though. Talk about who else is there and how they look.

CF: I think the offensive line is stepping up and they’re learning the plays, of course. Offensive line is the most important position, I’d say in my opinion, on the field.

IR: (Other wide receivers include) Hilton Michael, he has really strong hands. He can really fight for a ball well. Patrick Quinn, he has some wheels, and I think that with the additions and the strengths of them, people can’t double-team Forney, so then they’ll leave him open more. They’ll have to worry about all the wide receivers on the field. Also, we have two young guys, Trey Glass and Conor Adams, who are both really stepping up. They have some nice hands and they learn the plays really fast.

BM: The four DB’s that are back are Isaac, Carter, and who else?

IR: Nick Fucci and Evan Popalis.

BM: What would you say are the biggest concerns about this year’s team?

EC: I’d definitely say that we’re still kinda in the nostalgia of going 8-2 last year and we’re going to think it’s that easy again. But we all know, all the senior know that it’s not that easy. I think one of the phrases we have is that last year is dead and the guys we have right now, they’re going to have to step up and work as hard as we did last year in order to get where we finished up.

BM: What are the goals for this year’s team?

EC: I’d say to get right back to where we were last year and even a little bit further. Last year, losing to Cumberland Valley in the first round of Districts, it was nice to get there, but just to get there is not enough. We want to get further and maybe even get to a District title.

CF: We want to win a District game. We don’t want to just get there.

EC: We definitely think we have the guys to do it this year.

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