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By on April 3, 2013

Most days as I’m driving home from work, I’ve got the radio blaring and I’m not really paying attention to cars in front of me. At stop lights, that is. But on one particular day earlier this week, I happened to notice a bumper sticker on the car in front of me. One of them had the message of, "Eye Contact is Over-Rated," with a picture of a little boy with both hands over his eyes.

I’m not really sure what that meant, but I made a connection with it on a couple different levels. One of those was just how much my kids would probably agree with that quote on days that they’ve got their noses sunk so deep into their iPads, Ipods, Minis, Kindles, Kindle-Fires or what-evers that they don’t look up to say hello.

That leads to my next connection that on some days, I wonder if I’m alone when I feel at times that technology is a little bit over-rated. Don’t roll your eyes … I say that mostly kiddingly.

Good or bad, though, it’s amazing how different our world is even from just 20 years ago. In the current day and age of getting instant information, Twitter, of course, has become a big thing. My buddy Todd Ruth is the one I credit for officially getting me onto Twitter. Hardly a day goes by now where we won’t share with one another a post that we saw, whether it be trade talk or Roy Halladay’s pitch count in his final spring training start or a photo-shopped picture of Pittsburgh Penguins’ star missing his front teeth. Good stuff, that last one.

Anyway, it was fitting that Todd texted me last Friday with some exciting news involving a Warwick athlete: "Just saw on twitter that Liz Wenger committed to Georgetown." Upon further investigation, I saw a tweet from 2009 Warwick grad Andrew Wenger, now playing with Major League Soccer’s Montreal Impact, that said, "Congratulations to my sister @elizabethwenger for finally deciding to attend college at the University of Georgetown."

Immediately, I figured she was going to the Hoyas to continue her field hockey career. After all, she continued to play field hockey in the fall, even after girls soccer moved to that season, and furthermore, she was an All-State selection in hockey following a strong junior season. I was wrong. She’s going for soccer. That says a lot about the kind of athletic ability that Liz has.

Like technology, high school athletics have undergone extreme changes over the years. Student-athletes who star in more than one sport nowadays are few and far between with the age of specialization, year-round training and the like. The amazing thing about Liz is that she could have played at the Division-One level in either soccer or field hockey.

As Andrew said, congratulations to Liz and best wishes to her for a healthy and successful career with the Hoyas.

Speaking of Andrew, we have started a new feature in the sports section this week in which we will do a weekly "Update on the Pros." This week’s paper also includes stats from Tyler Hostetter, who played this season with the East Coast Hockey League’s Trenton Titans, an affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers who just ended their season last weekend. According to Daryle Dobos, the Titans’ Director of Media Relations and Broadcasting, Hostetter suffered an upper body injury during a game in Orlando at the beginning of February and was unable to return to the lineup for the remainder of the season.

But as we continually try to improve our newspaper, this was something that we thought readers would enjoy seeing on a week-to-week basis. To have someone who grew up in the community playing at the highest level in their respective sports — let alone someone like Andrew who was selected No. 1 overall in last year’s MLS Draft — is something that we don’t want to take for granted. So hopefully this is a way to help keep readers connected to how they are doing.

That is, when people aren’t checking out their Twitter posts. Talking Sports By

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