Zombie invasion More volunteers needed for Sunday video shoot

By on April 24, 2013

By: STEPHEN SEEBER Record Express Staff, Staff Writer

It’s not an early rehearsal for this year’s Halloween parade. George Romero isn’t in town. And the Zombie Apocalypse is not upon us … yet.

Lititz will host a Zombie Run, a frightening 5K, in October as a fund-raiser for Lititz Springs Park. To promote the event and kickoff race registration, a zombie video will be shot on East Main Street prior to the Rock Lititz Tour bike races this Sunday. The video will soon be on the event website, and the hope is that it will attract at least 300 runners.

"In an effort to positively capitalize on the growing popularity of zombies in today’s culture, a group of Warwick area citizens are bringing a Zombie-themed obstacle course-type 5K run to the streets of Lititz in mid-October," explained Tim Reedy, brain child of the event. He’s working with Matt Clair of Clair Global and Brian Shaughnessy of Atomic Design to get everything ready for the first annual ‘Dawn of the Lititz Dead,’ which will start at the Warwick Township municipal building Oct. 19 and finish at Lititz Square.

"As with many other community events, this zombie run will be a family-friendly experience that will be talked about for months after the zombies are defeated," Reedy added, "but watch out this Sunday morning if you are walking on East Main Street, you may see some zombies milling around hoping to gain a leg up on their future competition."

Sunday’s video shoot will certainly be an uncommon sight for downtown Lititz.

"The plan is to have Main Street blocked off at 6 a.m., and currently we have about 35 zombies that will take over the downtown," said Shaughnessy, who is helping to organize the video. He ran in Baltimore’s zombie run last year, and thinks a similar event will be a great addition to the newly-dubbed coolest small town in America. And a cool video will get everything off the ground.

"We are trying to round up 50-plus volunteers to act as zombies in the promotional video," added zombie manager Brendan O’Donnell. "It would be great if we could surpass the 50 zombie goal, the more the merrier."

Anyone interested in volunteering should check out the Facebook page www.facebook.com/DawnOfTheLititzDead for more information on scheduling, costume and makeup requirements. All participants should be prepared to fill out the necessary Talent Image Release forms.

"The first couple of blocks of Main Street will be shut down at 6 a.m. (Sunday) and residents should expect to see a horde of the undead taking to the streets, all in the name of charity of course," he added.

Of course, for this to be a part of the park’s fund-raising, the park board had to discuss the unusual event. Reedy, Clair and Shaughnessy presented the idea to the Lititz Springs Park Board on March 13.

"The three proposed that this event be held as a Rock-Lititz event (involving organizing efforts from Clair Global, Tait Towers and Atomic Design), with all proceeds benefiting Lititz Springs Park and that it would be a family-friendly event," Park Board President Ron Reedy said.

Their requests of the board involved the use of the Lititz Memorial Square as the finish line to the race, allow the marketing of the Zombie Run to say that proceeds are benefiting the park, and that the park board agree to provide a certificate of insurance for the event and allow www.active.com be used to accept online registration payments.

"Since the event would be an additional fund-raiser and could lead to a larger annual October festival benefiting the park, the board approved the proposal," Reedy said.

For more information, navigate to www.dawnofthelititzdead.com. More ZOMBIE , page A16

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