Royal weekend Homecoming queen prefers corn mazes over dances

By on October 24, 2012

By: TIFFANY WOODALL Record Express Staff, Staff Writer

Photo by Preston WhitcraftHomecoming was moved indoors last Friday, due to stormy weather, but that didn't deter these smiles. Warwick's homecoming queen and runners-up include (left to right) Sophie Greger, tied for second runner-up, with her father Jeff; Sara George, first runner-up, with her father John; Greta Weidemoyer, queen, with her father Jim; and Jordan Conrad, tied for second runner-up, with her father Jeff.

The Warrior football team fell 40-6 against Penn Manor after play was postponed Friday night for rain and lightning, but celebration ensued despite the soggy start to homecoming weekend festivities.

The crowning of a new queen typically steals the half-time show of the homecoming game, but players and patrons evacuated the field prior to kickoff and converged inside the high school gymnasium for an early presentation.

Greta Weidemoyer didn’t mind.

The Warwick High School senior appreciated the change of venue when she was announced as the 2012 homecoming queen.

"It felt very appropriate to be crowned homecoming queen in the gym where I spend most of my time," said Weidemoyer, who practices and plays both volleyball and basketball on the same floor she walked across to accept her crown. "And it was cool because you could actually see people’s faces."

And people could see hers.

"I was pretty shocked, I guess," she said of being elected into Warwick royalty. "All the girls are really nice, so I didn’t know who people were going to vote for. It makes the feeling better ’cause you don’t know, and then you’re like, ‘yay!’"

Weidemoyer was escorted by her dad, Jim Weidemoyer, and her close friend Sara George was there to share in her excitement.

"It’s really awesome ’cause (Sara) got first runner-up, so that was really cool ’cause we got a picture together," said Weidemoyer.

She cited the "hecticness" of the event as what she’ll remember most, but her weekend didn’t stop there.

Weidemoyer joined her volleyball teammates Saturday afternoon to defeat the Barons at Manheim Central in LL-League quarterfinals. The win launched them into an LL-League semi-final meet Monday against Garden Spot, and also qualified them for District playoffs.

While other students filed into the cafeteria-turned-club for the school’s traditional homecoming dance Saturday night, Weidemoyer braved the dark Lancaster County fields of Cherry Crest Adventure Farm for an attempt at conquering the Amazing Maize Maze.

"I didn’t have a date (to the dance) or anything, so a couple of my friends and I got together and we actually went to a flashlight corn maze instead," she said. "I’m not really a dance person, I guess."

She was accompanied by friends Stephanie Witek, Briana Young, Hayley Winters, Tiffany Federer and Marli Hertzog.

"We got lost so many times," joked Weidemoyer. "If it weren’t for the people inside we would probably still be in there right now."

After winding their way through the 2.5 mile maze, the girls stayed awake to watch the Orionid Meteor Shower. According to, the meteors, which consist of debris from Halley’s Comet, sail through the sky around this time each year.

"I guess watching the meteor shower at, like, five o’clock in the morning and being really tired with all my friends," was Weidemoyer’s response when asked about her favorite moment of the whirlwind weekend. "You get the occasional really bright one with a really long trail, and it was really cool," she said.

The girls’ volleyball team wasn’t as fortunate in Monday’s match-up against Garden Spot. The Spartans stole a 3-0 victory that night, but the Lady Warriors still have District playoffs on the horizon.

"I’m staying very busy," said Weidemoyer of her final year at Warwick. "Doing a lot of stuff, but it’s a lot of fun."

Her post-graduation plans include studying physical therapy at Lebanon Valley College, Widener University or Arcadia University. An LL-League Section 1 Second Team All-Star for the past two seasons, she hopes to continue her volleyball career at the collegiate level. "It felt very appropriate to be crowned homecoming queen in the gym where I spend most of my time."

– Greta Weidemoyer More QUEEN, page A15

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