Rotary raises $70,000 Craft show means big bucks for Lititz

By on August 15, 2012

Photo by Stephen SeeberWhile attendance at the Lititz Rotary Craft Show is tough to determine, it has been estimated at 40,000 in the past. According to organizers, last Saturday's event was another great turnout, netting about $70,000 for the civic organization. This is the morning scene on craft day, looking north on Broad Street at the Square.

The crowd was strong on Saturday, and as the crowd goes so does the success of the Lititz Rotary Club’s biggest fundraiser — The Craft Show.

"The club was very happy with the show this year," said Tom Oehme, event chairman for the Rotarians. "It all worked out very well and the vendors all seemed to have had a great day."

In all, 750 spaces along Broad and Main streets, and in Lititz Springs Park, were rented by 480 crafters.

While attendance numbers have been estimated as high as 40,000 in past years, Oehme said exact numbers are difficult to determine.

"As for the crowd, this is always hard to estimate, and this year would be a very hard one, as the crowd was strong all day long," Oehme explained. "On hot humid days, the crowd will be reasonably strong early on, but once noon hits, it fades fast. This year, thanks to the man upstairs, the weather was outstanding and the crowds stayed strong until around 3:30."

Oehme went on to report that gross income from this year’s show is $75,000. After expenses, the Rotary Club will have about $70,000 left to distribute to various community needs.

"This proves Rotary’s motto, ‘Service Above Self,’ one that the Lititz Rotary Club has always upheld to the maximum," Oehme said. "The Lititz Rotary Club is very, very proud of our community, and strives to do its part in helping preserve the beauty and integrity of this place we all call home." More CRAFT SHOW, page A6

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