Park board issues official statement: Fireworks problems were due to controller issues

By on July 18, 2012

The following press release, submitted by R. Ronald Reedy, president of the Lititz Springs Park Board of Trustees, was issued shortly after deadline for our July 12 issue:

The Lititz Springs Park Board and Clair Global met with John Kemps, president of Celebration Fireworks, along with members of his staff, regarding the pyromusical fireworks show held during the Fourth of July celebration in Lititz Springs Park. While many who attended the event were disappointed with the display, the park board members were searching for answers as to "just what happened" and why the show was not fully ignited.

Kemps and staff noted that the isolated problem was because of the fire controller known as FireOne. This controller is the same device that is used for the production of the fireworks displays at Disney World. The FireOne controller is the industry’s standard controller for large shows and for the pyromusicals. Following consultation with the FireOne manufacturer and Disney, it is believed that the problem was caused by noise on the control line to the firing modules. Celebration assured the park board that corrective steps will be in taken by using two fire controllers along with a 10 second "cue" from the sound crew followed by a small sacrificial device on the end of each leg. This will give enough time to correct any problems that may exist before the music starts.

The park board, along with Clair Global, who have a good working relationship with Celebration, were satisfied with the failure analysis report and the corrective steps that will be taken for any future shows. Having confidence in Celebration Fireworks, who have produced pyromusical fireworks displays over the past three years in Lititz, the board unanimously voted to have Celebration return for the July Fourth event in 2013. Every last shell that did not fire will be added into next year’s display, making it one of the most powerful shows the park has ever hosted.

Kemps not only apologized to the park board but to the entire Lititz community and to all the sponsors and volunteers that put so much time and work into this annual event. His company remains committed to producing world-class fireworks entertainment for Lititz.

Again, the Lititz Springs Park Board of Trustees and the Fourth of July Celebration Committee would like to thank all who attended this year’s annual celebration. Lititz Springs Park is privately owned for public use and the proceeds gained from this celebration are earmarked for park maintenance, upkeep, operations and other related expenses. The celebration is the park’s major yearly fund-raiser.

On behalf of the park board, thank you for your understanding and for your continued support of the Lititz Springs Park. The generous contributions from the general public and local businesses are a vital part in making the park a family and community enjoyment for all. More FIREWORKS, page A14

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