LRCDC shoots for the ‘stars’

By on September 18, 2019

Initially established in 2013 as a behind-the-scenes kind of business incubator, the Lititz Regional Community Development Corp. will hold its coming-out party in November.
LRCDC President John Bear, a former Pennsylvania state representative and former Lititz Borough councilmen, said the organization has evolved from a “connection” facilitator — guiding potential businesses within the Warwick School District footprint — into a “conduit,” assisting in gaining funds, grants, and other logistics for new business and business-expansion projects.

The non-profit, volunteer group, which along with Bear, includes former Warwick Township Supervisor Mike Vigunas as executive director; and Nelson Peters, longtime Warwick School Board director, as LRCDC vice president.

In the meantime, the group has put out its opening ad to create awareness of LRCDC, which, while is now more visible to the public, still won’t discuss the current projects it’s involved in.

However, Bear did offer some of its success stories, including helping with Listrak projects and assisting with Lititz Springs Pool’s planned $4.5 million makeover through grant money from the

Pennsylvania Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program (RACP).

LRCDC played apart in assisting Listrak in connecting with Sechan to purchase the land from Sechan.

“This collaboration process has allow both companies to grow their businesses and provide solid employment for our region,” Peters said.

Sechan had originally pursued the development of a new manufacturing facility on the property now developed by Listrak.

An ad released this week promotes LRCDC’s efforts to raise funds through the sales of a $20 Lititz Christmas star ornament designed by Bill Dussinger.

“We assisted Listrak in connecting with Garman Builders for the sale of Listrak’s east Main Street facility,” Peters said. “Garman’s relocated their business from Ephrata to Lititz. Another business growth story for LRCDC in keeping Lititz a positive business and community value.”

LRCDC will hold a discussion meeting open to the public Nov.14, at Listrak, from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Officials said details of the “niche, cohesive, centralized resource” that is hyper-local (within the Warwick School District municipalities) and separate from the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County will be discussed.

An ad released this week also promotes LRCDC’s efforts to raise funds with sales of a $20 Lititz Christmas star ornament designed by Bill Dussinger.

Fittingly, the stars are only available locally at Bomberger’s Store, Dosie Dough, McFelroy’s Pharmacy and Zest.

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