Locals win big at 2012 PA Farm Show

By on January 18, 2012

Lititz and Manheim were well represented among 2012’s PA Farm Show winners.

First Place Winners, Lititz

? Megan Ackley — Jr. Shropshire Breeding Shropshire Reserve Champion Ewe

? Jacob Spatz (Spatz Cattle Company, Dairy Cattle) — Open Jersey Winter Calf, calved Dec-February; Open Jersey Junior Champion; Open Jersey Cow, 4 Year Old, calved Sept-August; Open Jersey Cow, 5 Year Old, calved Sept-August; Open Jersey Cow 6 Years & Older, calved Aug 31 and earlier; Jersey Premier Exhibitor; Jersey Exhibitor Herd.

? Marlin G. Musser (Hidden Hollow Goat Farm) — Fullblood/Purebred Buck Kids; 3, under 6 months.

? Brenda Watson — Family Living Crafts Open Table; Runners-Pieced-Machine Quilted.

? Doris Kreiter — Square Dance Contest and Exhibition; Division 3, Open.

? Eva Gallagher — Rabbits: Open Classes, Holland Lop, Broken; Open Classes, English Lop, Solid; Best of Variety English Lop, Broken, Best of Variety; Best of Breed, English Lop, Best of Breed; Best Opposite Sex of Breed English Lop, Best Opp. Sex of Breed.

? Elizabeth Gallagher — Rabbits (Youth Classes): French Angora, Colored; Mini Rex, Blue; Mini Rex, Castor; Mini Rex, Opal; Mini Rex, Opal; Mini Rex, Opal; Best of Variety French Angora, Colored, Best of Variety; Youth Best of Variety Mini Rex, Opal, Best of Variety; Youth Best Opposite Sex of Variety, Mini Rex, Castor, Best Opp. Sex of Variety; Youth Best Opposite Sex of Variety, Mini Rex, Opal, Best Opp. Sex of Variety; Youth Best of Breed, French Angora, Best of Breed.

First Place Winners, Manheim

? Julia Stallman (New Beginnings Farm) — Supreme Champion Ram, Wool; AOB Wool, AOB Wool Yearling Ram; AOB Wool Champion Ram.

? Steven M. Spayd (Hemlock Hollow Farm, Shropshire Sheep) — Yearling Ram; Early Spring Ram Lamb; Pair of Ram Lambs; Champion Ram; Reserve Champion Ram; Fall Ewe Lamb; Late Spring Ewe Lamb; Pair of Ewe Lambs; Breeder’s Young Flock; Pen of Lambs; Flock; Premier Exhibitor.

? Derick Bollinger — Shropshire Sheep: Late Spring Ram Lamb;Yearling Ewe;Pair of Yearling Ewes;Premier Breeder;Reserve Champion Ewe.

? Courtney Kready (Meadow Springs Farm) — Breeding Beef Cattle, Open & Jr: Shorthorn Junior Reserve Champion Female.

? Jenna Wetzel (Baron Pride) — Ayrshire: Open Ayrshire Winter Calf, calved Dec-February; Youth Ayrshire Winter Calf, calved Dec-February.

? Jared Wetzel (Baron Pride) — Jersey: Youth Jersey Cow, Jr. 2 Year Old, calved March-August.

? Megan Kulp (Kulp Dale Farm) — Dairy Cattle, Milking Shorthorn: Open Milking Shorthorn Spring Calf, calved March-May; Youth Spring Calf, calved March-May; Youth Reserve Junior Champion.

? Julia Miller (Manheim FFA) — Apiary Products: Extracted Honey, Youth: Youth, Extra Light Amber Extracted Honey 3lbs.; Sweepstakes: Sweepstakes Best Exhibit of Youth Extracted Honey.

? Roberta Hartz — Family Living, Crafts Open: Wreaths, Grapevine; Wreaths, Other; Family Living, Best of Show: Open Class Wreaths Section 0014 Classes 440-443.

? Marjorie Kauffman — Family Living, Hobbies: Hand Constructed Potholders, Adult; Crafts Open: Rugs, Braided.

? Bryan Kerdeman (Hare Force One) –Rabbits, Youth Classes: Dutch, Tortoise; Holland Lop, Solid; Rabbits, Youth Best Opposite Sex of Variety: Dutch, Tortoise, Best Opp. Sex of Variety; Rabbits, Youth Best Opposite Sex of Variety: Holland Lop, Solid, Best Opp. Sex of Variety.

? Brianna Sauder — Rabbits, Youth Classes: Mini Lop. Solid Pattern.

? Emily Stoltzfus and Grace Kensinger — Manheim Farm Show’s Got Talent, Instrumental Group: Intermediate Division (ages 12-15).

? Deb Seibert (Manheim Central High School) — Today’s Agriculture.

The following local residents received more than one top-placing award this year: Megan Ackley, Chelsey Becker, Derick Bollinger, Elizabeth Gallagher, Eva Gallagher, Denton Geib, Roberta Hartz, Marjorie Kauffman, Alexis Kellogg, Bryan Kerdeman, Courtney Kready, David Kulp, Megan Kulp, Timothy Miller, Julia Miller, Marlin G. Musser, Dolores Murray, Deb Seibert, Gwendolyn Snyder, Jacob Spatz, Steven M. Spayd, Julia Stallman, Jenna Wetzel and Jared Wetzel. More WINNERS, page A5

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