Lititz man named Hunter-Trapper Educator of the Year

By on July 3, 2018

For over three decades, Glen Spickler of Lititz has been an advocate for sportsmen safety. And now, the local educator has been given an award for it.

Greg Graham, State Game Warden of the Pennsylvania Game Commission of the Southeast Region, recently recognized Spickler with the Educator Of the Year award, presented earlier this year at the annual training update for Hunter-Trapper Education instructors at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

“It meant a lot to receive it in front of my peers in the Hunter ed field,” he said.

During his long span in outdoors education, Spickler has guided and trained thousands of students to the ways of safe hunting and trapping.

“I began my career small game hunting with my dad, Paul ‘Bud’ Spickler,” he said. “He passed along this special heritage to me on the farms around Lititz in pursuit of rabbits and pheasants when I was 12 years old. Soon after that, he took me along to deer camp for a taste of hunting whitetail deer. Before long, I was trapping muskrats, fox and raccoons with my school buddies.”

Last year, Spickler, as well as other instructors of the area district, presented their first “Skills Station” class to be offered in the region. Held outdoors, the class provided more hands-on instruction. Surveys taken after this class reflected the confirmed knowledge and satisfaction students gained from this method of teaching.

Glen Spikcler was recently named Hunter/Trapped educator of the year.

“I’ve always tried to drive home that the first thing you must do every time you pick up a firearm is to open the action and insure the .800firearm is not loaded,” Spickler said. “I tell students if they are unfamiliar with how to do this, they should lay it down.”

A 34-year veteran of instructing, Spickler is very active in the Lititz Sportsmen Assocation where he also serves as the organization’s financial secretary. Plus, he is an active member of Cooper’s Hill Shooting Club, also of Lititz.

“We’re fortunate to have these local clubs that understand the need to support hunter education. None of the classes I’ve ever been involved with ever charged a penny, and they also provided lunch for the students and their parents,” Spickler said.

Aside from the recent recognition, Spickler also feels good knowing that at the end of each course, students leave with a clear understanding of the importance of safe sportsmanship.

“Every time the students find out they passed the exam, their faces brighten up and the satisfaction is all too evident,” Spickler said.

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