Last visit before Christmas Santa and Mrs. Claus will be in the park this Saturday

By on December 19, 2012

By: MRS. CLAUS Special to the Record, Staff Writer

Santa and I were very happy that so many children came to visit the caboose on Saturday! We spoke with 65 little ones who all … well, nearly all, were excited and ready to tell Santa about their Christmas wishes.

This week, quite a few children asked for Barbies, all sorts of Legos, Play-Doh, board games, movies, iPods, iPads (Santa feels very strongly that children must be a little older to receive these), American dolls, kids’ cameras, stuffed animals, skateboards and scooters. High on the lists were drum sets and remote-controlled helicopters (please note that Santa always reminds the children that with these two items, it is a must that they play with them only when mom and dad say it’s okay). I must add that we were delighted to hear a few brand new requests.

Emily, a sweet 10-year-old, quietly asked Santa for a new bike (and Santa suggested a new helmet), a new doll and cleaning supplies for cleaning her room (we both thought that perhaps her mother might have influenced that last request).

Then there were a few that simply took us by surprise, such as Isabella, age 6, who, along with an American Doll and another item, requested an FBI suit. I’m afraid Santa is still scratching his head about that one, but I’m sure he’ll see what he can do about it. Eight-year-old Yiorgos, very serious and intelligent beyond his years, specifically requested specifically a waterproof walkie-talkie and was kind enough to explain at length as to why it had to be waterproof.

And then there was Nate, age 9, who added an all-encompassing item — "money."

Karina, age 2, with great big, beautiful eyes, wanted Santa to bring her candy, a cupcake, a dolly, a candy cane and candy. Sweet.

One other little boy caught us off guard. His name was Johnny and he was a darling 2-year-old. He whispered to Santa that he wanted tools, a tool box, teapot (yes, Santa double-checked, that’s what he said), a screwdriver and just in case Santa missed it the first time, a tool box.

One of our youngest visitors on Saturday was Tucker, just 10 1/2 weeks old, who was dressed just like one of our elves! Tucker wasn’t up to talking at that time, so his mom informed Santa that formula and diapers would be plenty for this first Christmas.

Finally, walking down the aisle of the caboose as if he were 10 times his age was Connor, age 3, dressed to the nines, complete with a dapper blue plaid cap. Santa admired it so much that he asked Connor where he got "that great hat." Connor looked at Santa with a questioning frown and replied, "At my house!" Silly Santa.

Santa asked me to pass along a few things that seem to have the children quite perplexed. For example, Santa gets asked to bring puppies, kittens, snakes, ponies and other live animals as gifts. It is important for parents to tell their children that Santa will not bring live animals (of any sort) as a Christmas present. The animals get very, very scared on the sleigh and Santa doesn’t want that to happen. So Santa suggests that adding a live animal to your home should be a family decision and a family choice. You might want to pass this along to your little ones.

Other recurring questions are "How can Santa find me?" and "How can Santa get in if I don’t have a fireplace?"

Please let your children know that my sweet Santa has an excellent GPS system that was specially-developed just for him! And as to the entrance problem, if the children look in the caboose when they visit, they will notice a large, lovely gold magical key hanging right by Santa — he never lets it out of his sight. This key allows Santa to enter any home on Christmas Eve! Oh, and it only works for Santa, by the way.

Thank you again for visiting with us and we hope we see more children during our last visit for 2012 this Saturday, Dec. 22. We’ll be in the caboose from 10 a.m. until noon. If you haven’t come over to see us yet or if you haven’t brought your pet to see Santa, that will be your last chance until next December.

See you there! More SANTA, page A3

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