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By on August 28, 2013


Fall sports are underway. The golf and tennis seasons have already begun, and high school football, soccer and field hockey debut this weekend.

You’ll want to keep our special fall sports section, inserted in this week’s Record Express, all year long. It gives you full rosters and schedules for football and soccer, and photos for 16 teams at Warwick and Manheim Central, along with both bands and cheerleading squads.

For extra copies of this keepsake, contact our news office at 626-2191.

Football season is here, and that means the return of our Thursday Evening QB feature. Who is Arl Haas, and why is he picking Pittsburgh over Florida State? Page B3.

This week’s obituary section has been moved from its usual location on page A8 to B4.

Last week we asked if you thought the railroad freight depot on Water Street could have been saved. Some thought it could have been salvaged, others thought it was beyond repair. Here’s what RoseMarie Null shared on the topic:

"I thought Norfolk-Southern did the correct move by tearing down the freight station before someone really got hurt. As far as having it a part of the farmers market, that was an ill-conceived idea when one had to cross the street between the two sections. The real lost treasure was when the town refused to save the old train station (the original passenger station in the park). It takes much money to restore buildings. One can have many ideas for repurpose, but with no money it becomes a moot point."

Lititz’s last working railroad station was demolished last week, so perhaps the point is moot.

This week’s question:

How will the addition of JoBoy’s to the historic Rudy Building change the landscape of downtown Lititz?

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