Dodging for Diamonds

By on February 18, 2015

LR20150219_Cdgeball228Remembering Patches O’Houlihan’s five D’s – dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge – from the aptly-named movie “Dodgeball” proved to be an important part of Sunday’s tournament at Warwick High School.

With six teams participating from the middle school and 15 from the high school, the afternoon was bustling with friendly competition. Teams covered a wide range of students. There were two teams of girls, including the Interact team of the Twinkling Tutus and the best-costume award winners, the Fireballs. Teams represented each grade level, pitting freshmen against seniors in some of the closest matches, a number of which ended up being wins for the younger players. Other noteworthy teams included the Dodge Fathers, which had an almost perfect overall tournament record; The Punishers, a team of Warwick High School administrators who were undefeated in their regular games but were unable to pull it through in the final rounds; and the group of chess team members, creatively named Chess, who were not quite as hard-hitting as some, but indisputably tried their best.

Each team was unique and had its own style of play. Intimidation factors, such as utilizing battle cries and ripping off shirt sleeves at the ball line, along with distractions like players calling out taunting phrases to the opposing teams added to the entertainment of the day’s event.

Spectators, similarly impressive in numbers, enjoyed watching the spirited dodgeballers in their noteworthy outfits, including those of the RIBS and the Sweat Bandits, play for the coveted trophy. To the dismay of many players, the number of games had to be cut down in order to fit the tournament in the predetermined time limit, bringing on the playoffs earlier in the line-up than expected.

The winners were Ball of Duty from the middle school side, and the Super Super Terrific Dodging Squad from the high school side. Despite losing, other teams were graceful in defeat and showed their support for the winning teams. All of the teams seemed to have a fun time, and hopefully many of them will return next year to try once again.

The dodgeball tournament was sponsored by the Warwick High School Interact Club and the Leo’s Club, with all proceeds going to the Four Diamonds Fund. Four Diamonds is a foundation that strives to conquer childhood cancer while offering multiple forms of support to the families. With all of the participation of Warwick students and the support of the community, the Four Diamonds will be receiving a meaningful amount of money for their remarkable mission. All in all, this tournament was for the kids.

Jackie Pixley is a Warwick High School student and a member of the Interact club, which helped to organize this event during Fire & Ice weekend. 

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