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By on December 7, 2016

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In covering last Friday’s Christmas in the Park tree lighting, photographer Dennis Bicksler noted, “What a beautiful evening and a great crowd. It felt like a movie set with all the people singing carols.

Bill Dussinger did a nice tribute to Ron and Brenda Reedy, mentioning all of the years they were involved in working with the park. Rodney Martin from the Mennonite church gave the invocation and wished and prayed for peace on Earth.”

Musical performances by the Moravian Trombone Choir and the Warwick High School Chorus add to the magical feel of this cherished tradition.


Ron and Brenda Reedy Tribute

Christmas in the Park Dec. 02, 2016

If we could go back to the summer of 1947, all of us here would see a young boy and his uncle sitting on a nearby park bench watching the railroad workers and engineers switch the freight cars bound for Wilbur Chocolate and the nearby lumber yard.

Some two months before his death on Nov. 16, this now 77-year-old man would write in his journal that these daily, summer trips to the park with his uncle forged his passion for, in his words, “the finest community park in America.”

During his entire adult life and up to the day he died, he passionately and humbly supported the park in various capacities ranging from serving on the Park Board, many years as its president, being the park’s historian, and chairing the annual July 4th committee for over a decade.

When he brought his bride to Lititz in 1961, she became immediately enamored with the same park that her husband loved so very much. Eventually, she would replace him on the park board and would chair a committee to rewrite the park’s policies and procedures.

Together, they forged a formidable team of 55 years that gave of their sweat and tears to support the park so that their generation’s families and future generations could enjoy it as a safe, family haven.

Thanks to their untiring, sacrificial, and kind spirit, these two special volunteers are being honored here tonight in the park that they loved and love.

Anyone who comes to this park for an event, to play, feed the ducks, or simply sit on a park bench, can give thanks to this husband and wife team.

The Lititz Springs Park Board of Trustees would like to publicly thank Ron and Brenda Reedy for helping to keep the Lititz Springs Park as the “finest community park in the coolest small town in America.”

Speech delivered by Bill Dussinger.


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