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By on December 18, 2013

Greetings from the North Pole!

Santa and I have returned to our home a little earlier than expected. We had planned to spend one more weekend in Lititz but unfortunately our supply of reindeer food got eaten a little faster than we realized. Therefore, we needed to head home so we could be sure our reindeer would be fed properly and in top shape for next week’s long Christmas Eve trip.

Our visit this past Saturday was delightful as always but not too many families ventured out. As a matter of fact, most of our visitors were those who were surprised to find us there. That fact, of course, made their visits even more fun.

Addie, 5, was our first guest and had her Christmas wish list all ready for Santa. We discovered to our delight, Addie was a very crafty little girl! Other than beds for her two American dolls, she asked for a rubber band making machine (we’re pretty sure she meant a Rainbow Loom), a knitting machine and a sewing machine. Good for Addie!

A little while after Addie’s visit, Isabella, 7, gave Santa her list and then told Santa that "Daddy wants world peace." If only Santa could figure out how to deliver that one!

The youngest visitor this year was Mia, two months old. Although she couldn’t quite tell Santa what she wanted, she did indicate quite clearly that she was not happy about being out in the cold.

Siblings Benjamin, 4, Noah, 2, and Sofia, 2, were very excited to see Santa and knew exactly what they wanted. Big brother Benjamin asked for a scooter but also dreamed of having a digger, a dump truck and a skid-steer. Noah and Sofia had travel on their minds; Noah wanted a boat, a truck and a train, while his sister Sofia wanted a suitcase and a train.

Then we met Tyler, 9, who was one organized young man. Two sheets of requests in hand, Santa read each one out loud. When he read the last entry of the 36 requested gifts, Santa was quick to ask Tyler if he’d been a very, very good boy.

"Oh, yes," Tyler said emphatically, then sneaked a quick peek at his mom and dad.

Colin, 3, followed next and was very anxious to tell Santa what he wanted for his birthday. After Santa heard those requests, he asked Colin about Christmas gifts. However, Colin was very concerned about those birthday gifts and wanted to be absolutely sure Santa understood that.

"Okay," Santa told Colin, "I’ve got it. By the way, when is your birthday?"

Colin told him, "April."

We like people who plan ahead.

So everyone, until next year, remember to be good and keep the Christmas spirit in your heart all year long! We love Lititz and we look forward to returning to visit with you again next December. Merry Christmas to all!

– Mrs. Sandy Claus

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