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By on December 12, 2013

Welcome to our first installment of “The Claus Report,” a weekly column submitted by Mrs. Sandy Claus during her December stay in Lititz:

Top 10 Gift Wish List

1. Legos

2. Remote-controlled

helicopters, boats

3. iPods

4. American Girl dolls

5. Baby dolls and

accessories (quite an


6. Musical instruments:

guitars, ukulele, grand

piano, violins

7. Princess dresses and accessories

8. Books

9. Skateboards, roller

blades, scooters and bikes

10. Spiderman items

Our letter to the community is below:

Santa and I were so happy to come back to Lititz over the weekend. Such a pretty, welcoming town! Happily, we visited with 181 children on Saturday and loved every one of them. We’ll be back to visit on Saturday, Dec. 14 and again on Saturday, Dec. 21, both days from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And remember, Santa and I are both animal lovers so please don’t hesitate to bring your pet over to the caboose so they can tell Santa what they want for Christmas, too. Oh, yes! Santa will know. And of course, bring your cameras.

As we listened to the children’s wishes, we found ourselves amazed by some of the gifts that were requested. Although Legos, Barbies, American Girl dolls, Play-Doh, iPods, Pillow Pets, bikes, remote-controlled toys, and books (thank goodness the children still enjoy reading) were repeated over and over, we did have a few rather unusual wishes.

Some of the requests were delightful in their uniqueness, such as Alaya, 6, who quietly asked for a violin and a telescope; we think her future looks quite promising.

There are times, however, when we must admit, Santa does get stumped as to how he could deliver certain items. Eviana, 10, is a good example of this. While her request, a grand piano, is certainly to be commended, it is a tad bulky for the sleigh, which Santa discussed with her.

Nate, 4, asked Santa for “tools I don’t have.” He explained that he knew Santa would know what to bring him.

Throughout the day, we listened to some requests that we simply had not heard before this particular season (and we’re not quite sure why now). Among those were a leaf blower with a backpack and a riding lawn mower.

A sweet little boy, Dillon, age 6, had only one wish for himself, which was for a remote-controlled boat. “But,” he added quickly, what was really important was that Santa brings “a tool box for daddy and a scarf for mommy.”

Drew, 2, has an exciting life planned for himself evidently, after asking Santa for a “big boy bike and a scooter.” On the other hand, Jack, also 2, is a gentle soul, concerned about the environment at his tender young age. Drew, it seems, would like to have a tractor and a weed whacker.

One young man, Joseph, 4, was very concerned about privacy and whispered his entire wish list in Santa’s ear. He has not, according to Joseph’s mom, decided to tell anyone else what he would like for Christmas. Well, at least he confided in good old St. Nick, thank goodness!

The one request that touched our hearts above all others came from Kendra, age 7. The only thing she asked for was “For everybody to have a happy Christmas.” That, my friends, is the true spirit of this blessed holiday. Merry Christmas to everyone!

– Mrs. Sandy Claus

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