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By on September 24, 2014
The party crowd celebrates the new Rock Lititz Studio Sept. 20. (photos by Stephen Seeber)

The party crowd celebrates the new Rock Lititz Studio Sept. 20. (photos by Stephen Seeber)

It was a party with all the bells and whistles of a rock concert, minus the rock concert.

But for Rock Lititz Studio, the show is backstage, and the key players were on hand Saturday for a ceremonial power-up of the Taj Mahal of production rehearsal science.

Rock Lititz partners Michael Tait, Troy Clair and Adam Davis threw the switch that symbolically welcomed a new generation of entertainment industry. The new facility is the tallest and strongest of its kind, and every detail has been designed to anticipate the various requirements of a touring production.

“This development is a game-changer within the industry,” said Davis. However, it’s not Lititz’s first studio.

“This is actually the second rehearsal studio in Lititz,” said Tait, eager to return to the party but kind enough to chat with the Record Express for a few minutes. “Roy and I and Gene had one on Water Street 25-30 years ago. When we built that, productions were smaller. Shows have grown immensely big.”

What Rock Lititz unveiled Sept. 20 is bigger than anything in the country.

“We can have Madonna’s set at one end, the Rolling Stones at the other end, and there would still be loads of room leftover,” Tait added.

Here’s what a few of the dignitaries at the party had to say:

“When you first walk in, it’s stunning,” said former Record Express editor Rick Reitz. “You go from a corn field to a rock and roll palace.”

Cory Van Brookhoven, Lititz Borough Councilman, recalled a former crush.

“In the early ‘80s they used to have practices at their building on Water Street. I saw Olivia Newton John and Diana Ross.”

“This is a gigantic moment for the township,” said Logan Myers, chairman of the Warwick Township Supervisors. “We’ve worked with the entities of Rock Lititz for well over three years, and we couldn’t be happier.”

“I think it’s awesome. I think it’s really cool,” said Borough Council President Karen Weibel. “I think a number of companies will relocate here with a lot of employees, and we’re hoping that they’ll visit downtown Lititz and spend time and money.”

Adam Davis, Rock Lititz partner, noted the “incredible transformation of the local community” during his 18 years in Lititz with Tait Towers.

“I’ve watched it transform from an agricultural community to a creative community and with that you got all kinds of wonderful things to do &tstr; there’s art galleries, restaurants …our fear now is that everyone’s going to come here from LA and fall in love with it,” Davis said.

“You’re going to see a deficit of people living in LA, their population is going to go down as Lancaster grows,” he said.

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