Organization offers hope for aging bikers, hot rodders

By on August 10, 2016

After Randy “Hoss” Caldwell was injured in a motorcycle accident, he had a lot of reasons to be bitter.

“I limp,” Caldwell said. “I had my left shoulder and left knee replaced. I now have a lot of expensive titanium in me. A hassle if I ever fly again. Not counting the stainless steel holding my stomach and my intestines together.”

Caldwell also suffered from short-term memory loss and depression. However, he did as so many do when faced with a potential lifetime of pain — he turned it around and began helping others.

He formed Lloyd’s Rides, a not-for-profit charity, based in Manheim. Lloyd’s Rides caters to injured veterans, mentally disabled individuals, and aging hot rodders. Caldwell helps them get back onto a motorcycle — or gives them the opportunity to ride a bike or hot rod for the first time.

Randy "Hoss" Caldwell

Randy “Hoss” Caldwell

“I want to give the veterans and the mentally challenged he same feeling I get when I am on my bike,” Caldwell explained. “When I ride, I am not hindered by my physical limitations anymore. My fold-up cane is in my saddlebag. The arthritis ravaging my joints leaves me when I twist my wrist to give the bike gas. When my left foot shifts the gears, there is no pain in that side of my body.

“I want — no, need — to give these people the same few minutes of ecstasy I experience. When I return home from my ride, the rest of the day goes great for me. I want them to feel it too.”

Caldwell says that the joy he sees on the faces of those he gives rides to helps him deal with his own physical pain.

“I am not just doing this for them. I need the feeling I get from helping them,” Caldwell said. “Yes, this is a selfish urge on my part. Retirement is too bland for me! I crave the excitement of going to the shows, telling people what I will accomplish. Talking to strangers, asking for volunteers, and donors so I can fund this charity. With your help, we will accomplish my vision and spread Lloyds Rides Inc to all 50 states, and overseas too!”

Lloyd’s Rides was named after Randy’s late father, Lloyd Sylvester Caldwell.

“Lloyd looking down, and smiling,” Caldwell said. “He approves! When I have enough donations, I plan on getting a therapy dog, and the training for both of us. I will visit veterans hospitals locally, and rest homes to bring happiness into their lives.”

To learn more about Lloyd’s Rides, visit Donations for Lloyds Rides can be sent to BB&T Bank, 92 Doe Run Road, Manheim, PA 17545. Watch an interview with Randy here.

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Randy Caldwell’s pain from his accident fades when he’s on his motorcycle — especially when he’s sharing the ride with someone who needs it.

Randy Caldwell’s pain from his accident fades when he’s on his motorcycle — especially when he’s sharing the ride with someone who needs it.

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