• The Lancaster County Airport was nearing completion 80 years ago. John F. Longenecker’s aero-car, which was popular in local parades in the 1920s, would not be part of the first fleet to use the new runway.
  • A painting of the old Lititz Recreation Center, as it appeared in the 1940s and ‘50s. It was replaced by the Bobst rec building in 1960, which is now an office building for Wilbur Chocolate.
    1944: Ralph Spacht donates Advertisements from 1944 building for community center

    1944: Ralph Spacht donates building for community center 1934: Airport should be complete by May 1 1924: Smallpox scare at Springs Hotel 10 Years Ago Thursday’s Record Express February 19, 2004 • ‘Wild Bob’ &tstr; Bob Wyble’s...

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  • Ancient bacon

    Workers uncover John Miller’s secret smokehouse during 1964 renovation 20 Years Ago Thursday’s Record Express February 17, 1994 • Chief Shertzer – When Doug Shertzer joined the Lititz Police Department more than a decade ago, he knew...

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  • 1954: Linden Underwear goes under

    1964: Land purchased for Boy Scout camp near Brickerville 10 Years Ago Thursday’s Record Express February 5, 2004 • 250th Nears – In just two years our community will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the naming of...

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