Rain, rain, go away.


By on November 16, 2018

But…don’t come again another day.

In the meantime, though, it’s the perfect time of year to cuddle up in slippers, fleecy blankets, in a comfy chair, by a cozy fire. Soup and crusty bread for dinner; or tea and a good book while the sky stays grey.

And then you look around.

You see the outdated walls, the too-small trim, the carpet which really needs to be refreshed. The old countertops across the way in the kitchen, the light fixtures you always meant to change out.

Think of what it could be for family gatherings – more natural light, maybe an open beam or two, a spruced-up fireplace. You could refinish hardwood floors, add new molding to add character, or even open up a doorway to bring more space.

Or think about your kitchen when you’re heating up that hot cocoa: Would you like a different layout? How about a new range? Or a bigger island with a deep farmhouse sink? Some fancy pendant lighting, or an industrial vibe? Or maybe you have a more Joanna Gaines style, with Farmhouse whites and rustic wood.

If you’d like to enjoy your hearth and home even more with an open floor plan, custom cabinetry, or other ways to make your home fit you and your family even more, now is a great time to start a conversation with a contractor.

Many people avoid home construction during the holidays, so if you start the conversation now, you may be able to get on the schedule of a contractor more quickly. And if you speak with ALL Renovation and Design, you’ll get so much more than a job fitting your schedule.

Working with Amos Lapp, owner, you’ll find the best kind of communicator: a good listener. Amos is well known for the discussions he has with home renovation clients – helping to uncover exactly what dreams they hope to realize. With his help, you’ll see your vision take shape.

One of the benefits of working with such a strong communicator is in price: Amos and his team work with clients to thoroughly outline every detail of the renovation, from timeline, to fixtures and materials, to subcontractor schedules. And that translates to fewer, if any, change orders. No surprises, no emergencies racking up the price, and no last-minute updates using any items that can be gotten on short notice (for any price). The price you agree on is the price you pay.

To help you along in the process, you can visit ALL Renovation and Design’s showroom at 88 S. Penryn Road, Manheim, where you can see a selection of all kinds of samples and materials. You can touch, price, and compare products for the next steps.

Once you’ve made all the necessary decisions, Amos and his team will be the least disruptive people you could have in your home (power tools aside!). They are always polite, and best of all, they keep your home clean at the end of each day when they’ve finished work. You won’t have to look at or deal with a mess or a disrespectful construction crew.

Check out their portfolio at www.allrd.com, or call Amos today at 717-665-0470, and start the conversation to make your home what you’ve always wanted!

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