Freshen Up for Spring with F&M Painting


By on April 10, 2019



Everyone is getting outdoors now that the weather is finally warming up. That means this is the time of the year to spruce up your home. 


Nothing gives your home a brighter look like a fresh coat of paint. With F&M Painting, you can have all your exterior work done. F&M Painting paints exteriors, including siding, shutters, doors, garage doors, trim and much more. They also do staining, such as freshening up your deck, door or trim. 


If your home is looking old and outdated or you are getting ready to sell it, there is no better way to restore that like-new appearance than with fresh paint.  A fresh look will give your property curbside appeal. After the winter season, you might find that shutters, siding, doors and trim are looking a little worse for wear. It’s important to keep up with your exteriors, before the elements do too much damage.


There are many projects that F&M Painting does that will give your home or office new life. They can paint vinyl shutters to brighten that faded look or add a new dose of color. If your kitchen cabinets are dreary looking, they can paint them too. Choose fresh white or any other color you like. You may be surprised to know they can paint vinyl and aluminum siding. That’s right. Paint instead of replace. Then you can have extra money to do those other projects on the list.


As Brandon MacCartney of F&M Painting notes, the best approach is preventative painting, with early inspections and maintenance to prevent unsightly chipping, wear and damage. F&M Painting provides free estimates for your painting projects, whether it’s just touching up the trim or a complete renovation with all new paint.   


F&M Painting is a one stop shop.  They will take care of power washing, replacing rotten boards, and other things that go along with your painting project.


F&M Painting also specializes in historic homes, even those in the historic district with special color regulations. Their work can be seen throughout Lititz, at historic churches, homes and businesses. 


Be sure to like their Facebook page to get updates on news from F&M Painting. For free estimates, helpful service and an excellent paint job for a reasonable price, call F&M Painting at 717-569-3680 or check the web site at



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