DC Eager Emergency Services: ‘Tis the Season for Frozen Pipes


By on December 28, 2016

DC Eager Emergency Services

As we enter the cold wintry season, DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC would like to share a few tips with you that just may help you stay dry.

Prevent pipes from freezing by:

  • Making sure all exposed pipes are properly insulated.
  • Making sure all outside hoses are detached and drained in order to keep from freezing and backing up into your home or business.
  • If you do have a pipe that is prone to freezing, leave the hot water on (just dripping) in order to keep the lines open. Once the pipe freezes:
  • Turn off the water supply before the thawing process. If a pipe does happen to split, you will have time to fix the plumbing without any damage to the structure.
  • DO NOT use boiling water to unfreeze your pipes. DO NOT use a blow torch or any open flame to unfreeze your pipes. Each of these items may cause the pipe to burst.

If you do experience water damage caused by a frozen or broken pipe or drain, call DC EAGER EMERGENCY SERVICE to dry your structure down properly so that you do not experience mold. Where there is moisture, there will be mold if it is not dried down properly.

“We specialize in water and mold,” says Darlene, adding that DC Eager has a reputation for mold cleanup, through their focus on education and fair prices. “We may not always be the cheapest price, but the quality you receive for the money you spend is unmatchable.”

DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC is a restoration company that specializes in the removal of moisture and mold found in your home or business. They can help you dry your structure, clean and sanitize after a sewer loss, or help keep your friends and family healthy by removing mold safely. Too many people don’t know enough about mold to realize what needs to be done in order to safely remove it without causing further damage. This is why Darlene does not charge a dime to assess any property damage to the inside of your home or business.

“Our tag line is ‘We educate before we estimate.’ I would rather you make a decision based upon the education you received, so you can feel comfortable throughout the entire project.” says Darlene.

You might not need DC Eager right now, but clip this article and save it. Then you will know who to call if you ever need their services. Darlene at DC Eager has 15 years of experience and an incredible team who concentrate on the quality of their work and offer amazing customer service.

That number you will want to save is (717) 989-5763. To find out more, check the website at www.dceager.com.

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