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By on June 5, 2019

Radiant, bountiful flowers. They make the yard look so beautiful. If only the inside looked that good.

As you look around, you might notice floors that need to be refinished, walls that seem dingy, cabinets you always said you’d replace, or a bathroom you’ve been meaning to get to for years.

With everything outside in full bloom making the world look fresh and new, is it time to make your home look fresh and new?

A kitchen refreshed with custom cabinetry, new wall color and countertops, a backsplash you love, and new lighting that really makes the room shine. You could have a big island with stools to easily entertain. Or a bathroom you’d be proud for a guest to use with sleek, new fixtures, a stunning sink, and some finishing touches like wainscoting or a snazzy tile pattern.

Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to get yourself a master suite – a bigger bedroom, a bathroom all your own, maybe even some stacked laundry so you don’t have to carry baskets up and down the stairs. Having a peaceful space that exactly suits your needs every day can make such a difference.

Taking your existing space and making your dreams come to life will take a special project partner. Finding the right contractor can be the difference between seeing a finished project you love to spend time in or wishing you’d made a different decision.

What should you look for in a contractor? Someone who listens to what you want and helps you build all the special touches into your plans to bring your goals to fruition. A true partnership where you can bring all your ideas and a contractor can work with you to find the right materials, finished products, and designs to make your home what you’ve always wanted it to be.

You’ll find all that and more with local contractor ALL Renovation and Design. Owner Amos Lapp and team will work with clients to fit their budget and build creative plans to make their homes better than ever.

Designing a project that fits you isn’t the only trait of working with ALL Renovation and Design. The company plans out the project schedule and sticks to it, and they’ll be the politest people you’ve ever had on your property. They’ll leave your house cleaner than they found it every day, and you’ll get daily updates from a project foreman.

So take stock of your house and see what you’d like to brighten and bring into bloom. Imagine how it would flow, how it would look, and what you would love about it. Then, check out the portfolio at, or visit ALL Renovation and Design’s showroom to check out ideas in person at 88 S. Penryn Road in Manheim. You can call Amos today to have a conversation about updating your home into what you’ve always wanted it to be at 717-665-0470.


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